Environmental Adaptions for Autistic People

Hi everyone,

This is literally a list of environmental adaptations (in no particular order) to make environments as sensory friendly as possible, compiled from the views of autistic people, with a few random bold words so it looks less boring. Try and get as many of these adaptations in place as possible! I hope you find this useful:

  • Availability of a quiet room/ sensory space
  • No bright hard lights. Use soft lights with dimmer switches
  • Replace white colours with cream
  • Soundless air filter
  • No or silent hair dryers
  • Light protection at windows e.g. Black out curtains. Not blinds.
  • Carpet flooring
  • No blaring fire alarms. A voice saying fire or similar instead.
  • Sound absorbing materials
  • Materials that do not reflect light
  • Reduce ambient noise (fridges, AC machines, lighting, alarm systems etc.)
  • Easy read signs
  • Simple building layout
  • Plain walls – only essentials and minimal decoration
  • No automatic flushing toilets
  • Fragrance free items
  • Not open plan, but lots of space
  • No off gassing paints/ furnishings
  • Soundproofing between walls and floors
  • At least double glazing
  • Corkboard noticeboards to absorb sound
  • Silent clocks
  • No or quiet music
  • Natural smelling toilets e.g. extraction fan
  • Low ceilings
  • No harsh cleaning chemicals – use soap and water?
  • Greenery nearby to escape to
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Natural fibres rather than plastic
  • Multiple entrances
  • Zone warnings (low sensory zone, high sensory zone etc.)
  • No draughts

Please remember that these adaptations are for people who are hypersensitive to particular senses, so people who are hyposensitive may have different preferences, but it is much safer and easier to accommodate for people who are hypersensitive to reduce anxiety and meltdowns, and give hyposensitive people the tools to get sensory feedback self regulate that do not affect others.

Please let me know if you think anything else should be added to the list 🙂

14 thoughts on “Environmental Adaptions for Autistic People”

  1. That’s a great list. Can I ask about the low ceilings though? Why would someone prefer that? Is it because they are cocoon-like? I’d really like to understand. Low ceilings make me feel closed in and oppressed. One of the best things about my house are the nine foot high ceilings. And I’m a short person!

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    1. If I’m being honest, I have absolutely no idea 🙈

      I wrote this list about 6 months ago, and quite a few people must have supported it or it wouldn’t be in the list, but I don’t know why lol sorry 🙈🙈

      May remove it when I next have PC access!


      1. We’ve come up with some good possibilities!
        Btw, I wasn’t suggesting you remove it from your list. Was just really curious as it’s another one of those sensory things that’s the opposite of what I like. Shows what a varied bunch we are.

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  2. I think that this is a great list. Your goal is apparently to help the world understand autistic people, and that’s great! I’m autistic myself, and I have similar goals regarding my new project. 🙂

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